Tehillim 149:4

The Adornments of Salvation:
Adorning the Humble {Nation / People} with Salvation ©
By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This essay study is dedicated in the loving memory of Mr. Gary Lee Belk and Mr. Donald Wayne Belk, may they rest in peace.

This article explains why the Torah, as written 3500 years ago, and the Jewish people are inseparable.

This article is dedicated in loving memory to Lynda Elliott, may she rest in peace.

We read in the Psalms that Hashem adorns the humble with salvation. The word for "salvation" in Hebrew is Yeshua which some translate to mean "Jesus". This however is NOT what the writer of Tehillim had in mind.

We have two key words here: Ah Naw Vim meaning "humble {ones}" and Bi Ah Mo meaning "within His nation." Here we have the word "humble" in plural and "nation" or "people" in singular. The inference is that the nation / the people referred to in this Tehilla are only the descendants of Yisroel and are only the observers of Yiddishkeit. Observance of Judaism is not defined by other nations, religions or philosophies. It is strictly defined by the Torah given 3500 years ago by G-d to Moshe existing in its present form.

The concept of engrafting as written about in the New Testament is IMPOSSIBLE. The New Testament introduces a doctrine different and contrary to the perfect Torah. You see, it is the perfect Torah of Hashem that makes the nation of Yisroel particular and unique to Hashem. Yisroel was chosen as a nation to observe the perfect Torah before Creation, and the perfect Torah was written for the Jewish nation exclusively. The two, that is Yisroel and the perfect Torah, were created by Hashem to be inseparable. Obviously, that does not prohibit people of other religious beliefs from reading, learning and benefiting from the wisdom of the perfect Torah.

G-d has many people in this universe most of whom are not Jewish. But G-d only has "one nation." It is defined in this Tehilla as "His nation" as "His people." Now G-d has many people and He has "His" people. What makes the difference between G-d's many people and His people is, simply put, the Torah. G-d commanded the Jewish nation to observe every detail of the Torah.

Understanding the difference between the Jewish people and G-d's command for them to observe the Torah as given at Har Sinai is essential to understanding the revelation hidden within the concept of this Tehilla.

Any deviation by the Jewish people from the Torah written about in this Tehilla hundreds of years before the New Testament has a direct effect on the outcome of Hashem's adorning the humble with salvation. In other words, carefully observing the Torah develops humility. Observing another book, another religion, another philosophy may be beneficial to anyone other than the Jewish nation.

Jews of a deeper religious observance who have greatly developed a life of careful Torah observance are acknowledged by Hashem with adornments of salvation. I am not so sure that this is as beautiful as it seems. I believe Hashem covers the wounds, the scars, the stresses of life with the adornment of salvation / deliverance. In other words, the humble have experienced the need for adornment of salvation many times. Like the rounded edges of the river rock tumbled over many times by the passage of water, the Jewish people who were chosen by Hashem are adorned in a similar way by His salvation.

Years of careful Torah observance for the humble will have the effect of rounding the corners and smoothing the edges as defined by this Tehilla. Now other books no doubt have great value, but for the Jewish nation the Torah is the book by which we are commanded and obligated to follow without deviaton. The results of our observance are guaranteed to produce results just as 1 + 1 = 2. Therefore, when a Jew observes the Torah properly over a period of time, his being will develop a position of humility which is only achieved by observing the perfect Torah.

Wishing you the best,

Dr. Akiva G. Belk


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