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This is a special story collection written by Dr. Akiva G. Belk, director of JewishPath on moral Jewish stories and lessons supporting Torah teachings on self improvement, Shabbos, the Holy Days, Jewish marriage, Jewish relationships and Jewish family and the Jewish community.
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Nancy and I began our search forty plus years ago, in fact it could have been in another life.  Our search took us in many directions.  We wandered on in pursuit of the JewishPath.  Along the way we recorded our experiences and placed them here for others to benefit from. You are also welcome to share your experiences with us via E Mail.  Our experiences are funny, sad, serious, emotional and painful. Pull up a chair. Warm yourselves by our camp fire... enjoy!!!

One Shabbos evening as my wife and I sat at our Shabbos table we began talking about what life was like in Hungry, Poland and Russia. I knew very little! Not having grandparents to share stories (or parents) can leave one feeling empty as was my situation. My wife's situation was not much better being raised with only a slight Jewish presence in her home. Unfortunatly our experiences are shared by many children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. We have had thousands of visitors to our site who would very much appreciate and enjoy your stories... Stories like the Luffman Torah listed below.

Thank you!


Director of JewishPath, Inc.

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The Story Of
The Cocert Violinist
 A Story Of The Destruction Of A Young Man
By Loshon Hora
The Story Of
A Broken Truck 

 Story: Death Was Everywhere!

 The Story Of An Unclean House At Pesach
"It Was Exactly Midnight"
A Pesach Story

Stories Of Shuvah

The Story Of Uncle charlie And Pesach Struggles

The Story Of A Poor Jew Who Remembered!
 The Story Of
The Shwartzah Wolf
The Story Of The Jew Who
Would Not Admit His Errors

A Story About Fairness

 Story: "Achieving G-d's Perfection"

 The Story Of Eighteen Boys Who Grasped Holiness:

A Story About Being A Responsible Jew 
 The Story Of When A Blessing Becomes A Curse!
 The Story Of
The Forsaken Gifts

 A Story About Responsibility

 Story: Uncontrolled Giving / Fleecing The Flock

Story: Give Till It Hurts

The Story On Surviving Disappointment
The Story Of
The Parking Tickets

 The Story Of A Young Salilor's Fear of Dying
Appearing Improverished: A Stunning Lesson

 The Story Of Watching Basketball As A Youth

 The Story Of Wild Mountain Life

The Sukkah Story

 The Story About Dr. Belk's Call To Read The Torah By Mr. Rubinstien, Of Bl;essed Memory
The Sad Story Of Used Oil Contaminating Our Ecological system

The Story Of Recyling

The Story Of Jews Facing Controversey
 Story On The Elders
Of Our Community

 Story: Storm At Sea!

Stories On Moving

 The Story of the Messianic Who said, 'G-d Said To Me..'

The Story Of The Mishskiach And The Cowboy 
The Story: The Sign,
"I Removed You
From Mitzriam!"

 The Story On The Shabbos That Changed My Life!

Story: Those Were The Days

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