Parshas Bo
Exodus 10:1-13:16

Results of a Hardened Heart!©

Gematrias 131, 518, 945, 116 ©

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of mysticism in Hebrew Gematria is dedicated in the loving memory of Mrs. Ethel Channah Sakash Belk, may she rest in peace.

Beginning with Parshas Shemos continuing through Parshas Beshalach the word Vah Yah Cha Zek occurs ten times{see top blue Gematria line}. Ten is the difference between Moshe and Pharaoh and between Yisroel and Pharaoh. See article, "The Power of the Spoken Word." The first occurrence is when "Hashem said to Moshe, 'Reach out your hand and grasp its tail," {referring to Moshe's rod that turned into a serpent when he cast it to the ground}. He {Moshe} reached out his hand {Vah Yah Cha Zek Bo} and took hold of it, and it became a rod in his hand." Exodus 4:4 When Moshe grasped the serpent by the tail the serpent was transformed into a rod again. Moshe's grasping the serpent by the tail is symbolic of Moshe grasping Pharaoh by the heart. When the serpent became hard it became a rod which was symbolic of Pharaoh's heart becoming hard. The first usage of Vah Yah Cha Zek means"and took hold of it." The nine remaining usages mean "and he hardened".

The last usage of Vah Yah Cha Zek was in Exodus which occurs three days after B'nei Yisroel was sent out of Mitzriam. "The king of Mitzriam was told that the people had fled. Pharaoh and his servants had a change of heart regarding the people, and they said, 'What have we done? {How did} we release Yisroel from serving us? He {Pharaoh} harnessed his chariot and he took his people with him. He took six hundred elite chariots {and crews}, and all the {other} chariots of Mitzriam, and commanders over all of them. And Hashem {Vah Yah Cha Zek} hardened his, the heart of Pharaoh, King of Mitzriam, and he pursued the B'nei Yisroel. The B'nei Yisroel went out highhandedly." Exodus 14:8

There is a progression of Pharaoh's heart hardening. Beginning with Moshe's first contact then continuing to the climax when the army of Mitzriam is destroyed at the sea of reeds. Our Gematria shows three stages of this progression.

Just as a point of interest, the letters that spell rod and a few other words {from right to left} are Hey + Tes + Mem. They are found 210 times in Tenach. They are found 110 times in the Torah. 210 represents the total years between Yaakov and his descendants entering Mitzriam and their leaving. 110 represents the total years of Yosief's life on this earth. At the conclusion of 110 years Yosief laid down his rod. Years later Moshe picked it up to defeat Pharaoh and all Mitzriam. This is discussed in the article "The Rod Of Moshe."

The Gematria, Vah Yah Cha, begins a progression of Gematria combinations:

Vah Yah Cha Zek means "And he hardened." Vah Yah Cha Zek is the Gematria is 131. {See Gematria group one at top of page} {Exod. 4:4; 7:13 ; 7:22; 8:15; 9:12; 9:35; 10:20; 10:27; 11:10;14:8}

The first usage of Vah Yah Cha Zek {Bo} and he took hold of it." we see the introduction of the Gematria 131. From this point forward Moshe would use the rod to preform miracles to defeat Pharaoh and to lead B'nei Yisroel out of Mitzriam... Hashem said to Moshe, "Take this rod in your hand, for with it you will perform the signs." {Exodus 4:17}


Vah Yah Cha Zek Lav Pah Roh means "And he Pharaoh hardened his heart." Vah Yah Cha Zek Lav Pah Roh is the Gematria 518. {See Gematria group two at top of page} {Exod. 7:13; 7:22; 8:15; 9:35}

Because of the hardness of Pharaoh's heart, the tenth and final plague occurred. The Torah says it happened Cah Chah Tzos, meaning "about midnight." {Exodus 11:4} The Gematria for Vah Yah Cha Zek Lav Pah Roh, "And he Pharaoh hardened his heart." is the same Gematria value for Cah Chah Tzos which is 518. {from right to left} {See Gematria group four at top of page}


Vah Yah Cha Zek Ehs Hashem Lav Pah Roh means "And Hashem hardened Pharaoh's heart." Vah Yah Cha Zek Hashem Ehs Lav Pah Roh is the Gematria 945. {See Gematria group three at top of page} {Exod. 9:12; 10:20; 10:27; 11:10; 14:8}

This is the conclusion of the progression of hardness.
The hardness of Moshe's rod...
The hardness of Pharaoh's heart by choice...
The hardness of Pharaoh's heart joined by the hardened hearts of all the people of Mitzriam induced by Hashem as judgment / punishment for their sins.

The final hardness motivated the people of Mitzriam to encourage Pharaoh and his army to chase after Kal Yisroel. It was here that Hashem gave the final judgment / punishment of Pharaoh and Mitzriam. This is shown in the Gematria of 945. Hes Ah Lahl Te, meaning "I {Hashem} made a mockery {of Pharaoh and Mitzriam}." The Gematria for Vah Yah Cha Zek Ehs Hashem Lav Pah Roh ,"And Hashem hardened Pharaoh's heart." is the same Gematria value as for Hashem Hes Ah Lahl Te. {See Gematria group five at top of page}

One final point:
The word Ah Cha Zak also means "Hardness." Ah Cha Zak occurs only once in Torah. The Gematria for Ah Cha Zak = 116. Ah Cha Zak represents the hardness that B'nei Yisroel suffered in Mitzriam at the hand of Pharaoh, his taskmasters and the people of Mitzriam as slaves for for 116 years.{See last Gematria at top of page}
Exod. 4:21

Here we see how hardness of the heart is a mockery and brings on destruction. We also see how Hashem deals with hardness of the heart!

Wishing you the best,

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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