Parshas Emor
Leviticus 21:1 - 24:23

The Pure Table ©

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

This study of mysticism in Hebrew Gematria is dedicated in the loving memory of Mr. Eugene and Mrs. Selma Saunders, may they rest in peace.

Dear holy reader on February 27, 2000 a brief note was sent to JewishPath. The following is a reproduction of that note:


To Whom It May concern:

I am very interested in the Gematria study of the number (612).

I don't have much money to send. Please send me this information A.S.A.P.

Thank You

The note was signed, the address was included and a support check was enclosed which is deeply appreciated.

Now, dear, dear readers and students of JewishPath, requests like this one arrive almost weekly and sometimes day upon day. I truly wish it were possible to respond to each note but we simply cannot. This individual's note has been clipped above my desk from the time it arrived. Over the past 15 months I have studied dozens of hours on this subject. Generally, little in Gematria comes A.S.A.P. I wish it were easier but it is not!! What I have learned is from a lifetime of study. Other requests are clipped above my desk awaiting a response. G-d willing, they also will receive one.

All of the following lessons on Gematria 612 can be read on our "SIGHT" including this one. The request along with the support gift of this individual has resulted in the following lessons:

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October 2000
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April 2000
Gematria: The Rod of Moshe

We read in this week's parsha, "And you take the finest pastry flour and you [are to] bake twelve [matzah] loaves. Each challah shall be two tenths [of an ephah]. And put them in two arrangements, six per arrangement on the table, the pure [table] before Hashem." Leviticus 24:5,6

There are two words that stand out in this verse, Ha shool chawn - Ha taw hor {meaning "the table, the pure [table]'}. Several thoughts surround this meaning. First, the table is 100% of the purest gold. Second, the loaves should be placed upon the pure table. Yet there is a mystical concept, a third possibility linking "the pure table" with "Covenant" and "abundance". I believe this to be the intention because of the letter Hey in "Ha" shool chawn - "Ha" taw hor. Both are not needed unless Hashem intends to reveal something to us by their presence. The presence of the letter Hey represents an article as in "the Pure," "the Table". The letter Hey often precedes the name of Hashem as "The L-rd." So why would such an introduction with the letter "Hey" be necessary unless there was a special meaning connected with it? With only one Hey the Gematria would be 607, with neither Hey the Gematria would be only 602. The Gematria of Ha shool chawn - Ha taw hor, is 612. This is very significant as we shall soon discover. The Gematria 612 represents Bi rees, our "Covenant" with Hashem! The Gematria 612 also represents "exceeding abundance," Va yees ri tzoo.

Ha shool chawn - Ha taw hor {the table, the pure}
612 = Reish 200 Hey 5 Tes 9 Hey 5 - Nun 50 Ches 8 Lamid 30 Shin 300 Hey 5

Bi rees {Covenant}
612 = Sav 400 Yud 10 Reish 200 Bais 2

Va yees ri tzoo {exceeding abundance}
612 = Vav 6 Tzaddi 90 Reish 200 Shin 300 Yud 10 Vav 6

It is the Hey of pure and the Hey of table that combine to make this mystical connection possible as recorded in the Torah! Yet that is not all. Taw hor is normally spelled with a Vav between the Hey and the Reish. Notice:

Taw hor {with the Vav}
220 = Reish 200 Vav 6 Hey 5 Tes 9

In Ha shool chawn - Ha taw hor the Vav is removed! Again this is for a reason. This Divine manipulation of letters directs us to the Table the Pure {Table} where twelve loaves of matzah, unleavened bread, rest. We will come back to this.

The Shool chawn, the Table within each of our homes, should be like the shool chawn in the Mishkon... in the Bas Hamikdosh. It should be pure. The items placed upon it should be pure, Every item must be kosher! The communication at the Shool chawn must be holy at all times because it represents the Shool chawn of the Holy Temple within our home! The Shool chawn is the place of our altar within our home. It is the place of blessing. Erev Shabbos we bless our children at the Shool chawn. We say Kiddush at the Shool chawn. That is where we bless the wine and the bread in front of the Shool chawn. Torah must be spoken... discussed... argued at the Shool chawn. The Shool chawn is the place like a holy monument that should remind every Jew of our Covenant with Hashem! This is one reason why the Torah says, "Ha" shool chawn - "Ha" taw hor. The Shool chawn represents the Covenant of Hashem who is Holy... Who is Pure... in our very own home.

Within Yiddishkeit it is known that Tzadikkim use the material of their own family Shool chawn as their burial box. Why? The words of Torah, blessings, kiddush and music are a comfort as they rest awaiting the next life.

After breaking bread upon the altar in our home... after wonderful Torah discussions at the altar of our home... after wine and music... we offer thanks to Hashem. We say Birkas Hamazon. We thank Hashem for giving us "exceeding abundance!" Where do we offer thanks? At the Shool chawn!

Notice that on the Shool chawn are twelve loaves of matzah. These twelve loaves resting in place on "Ha" shool chawn - "Ha" taw hor represent "exceeding abundance" for kal Yisroel, for all twelve tribes of Yisroel. When our foremother Sarah was alive the challah on her table represented abundance to the world. When she died that abundance departed with her until Rivkah resided in her tent. Every wife is supposed to be like Sarah and Rivkah having a table, an altar of abundance within the home...

Twelve divides evenly into 612 fifty-one times. 51 represents Aw chool, meaning "EAT"! So to speak, mystically, eat means to abundantly devour bread, drink wine, learn Torah, remember our agreement and offer abundant thanks to Hashem!

Aw chool {eat}
51 = Lamid 30 Chof 20 Aleph 1

51 also has this aura of connecting to one's Shool chawn / table / altar through the word Yee law veh, meaning attach. Mystically speaking, each Jew - regardless of gender - is attached by the Covenant to Hashem's Covenant and "Ha" shool chawn - "Ha" taw hor!

Yee law veh {attached}
51 = Hey 5 Vav 6 Lamid 30 Yud 10

Blessings and jou to you!

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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