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I enjoyed your website and your insight into why Yeshua is not the Messiah. I'am a Jew well learned in the Torah and not ignorant to Jewish customs and traditions. Please help me with Isaiah 9:6-7 who is the author speaking of is it messiah? Christians say thats so. What do you make of it, personally I'am confused. Will the messiah be G-d or who will he be?

Please respond,
Subject: A Special Lesson on Isaiah 9:6,7
Shalom Matt,
Thank you for writing to us regarding Isaiah 9:6,7. Dr. Belk has written an article entitled "Does Isaiah 9:6 Refer to Jesus or Hezekiah? Is This Verse a Messianic Prophecy?" The article is four 8 1/2 by 11 pages in length. This article is due to be published as part of an upcoming book by Dr. Belk. There are many subjects that Dr. Belk has written about that do not appear on the JewishPath web "Sight". This is one of them. If you would like to review this article, it is available to you prior to being published for $3.00 plus $1.00 shipping and handling {all $4.00 of which is non refundable}.
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Rachel Gold
A side note by Dr.Belk
Dear Matt,
The Torah teaches that we will have two messiahs, one from the house of Dovid and the other from the house of Yosief. The messiah from the house of Yosief will die in battle. The messiah from the house of Dovid will be a crowned king after his forefather Dovid HaMelech. NEITHER WILL BE G-D! Hashem is our deliverer but not our messiah.
Best Regards,
Akiva G. Belk

Dear Friends,
I grew up under Methodist parents, spent teen and early 20's lost without any hope or idea of what I was missing out on. Within past 2 years, I have been going to a nondenominational Christian church where they/we seek to follow the new testament. Through my own personal studies and studies with my home Bible study group I have found many things that have convicted my heart. The main things are these holidays I've been involved in all my life. And not knowing how they began. I have been researching beginnings of holidays and such and found discrepancies that bother me. What I would like from you is a basic plan of how I should act on all this. I have printed most of your articles from your site to educate myself on what I should be doing as a person, but being adopted and not Jewish, how does that affect me? Am I really not included? This is very disturbing and I do not wish to discuss this with the pastor. Because I feel I would get a 'predjudiced' answer.

So if you were in my shoes where would you start and what would you do. I will appreciate any help you can supply me with.
Thank you for your time,



Subject: What To Do About Discrepancies in Christian / Messianic Holidays

Shalom Lori,

Dr. Belk will respond to your e mail letter in the near future. We receive hundreds of requests. Your letter is on his response list. It will be a little while, please be patient.


Rachel Gold,

Shalom Lori,

Your letter is touching. We cannot advise you, but we can answer your questions from a Torah perspective.

First, there is a place for everyone. When G-d created this world He established what we refer to as The Seven Noaic Laws. G-d intended these laws to govern all humanity until He gave the Torah to the Jewish people. When Hashem gave the Torah to the descendants of Avraham, Yitzchok and Yaakov the Jews became a chosen people. The Jews were chosen to live by a higher standard than the rest of the world while at the same time the rest of the world was to continue observing The Seven Noaich Laws. Jews observe 613 commandments while the rest of the world is obligated to observe seven commandments.

Now many of our commandments have to do with the Kohanim {priests} and the service of the Bais HaMikdosh {The Holy Temple}.

Second, many people worldwide have begun to recognize problems in their beliefs. Some of these people have embraced congregations known as Noachide Congregations. They teach and observe The Seven Noaich Laws.

Third, even though we do not recommend this, some people desire to convert to Judaism. When done properly this requires several years. Many of these individuals after receiving an up close examination of Judaism choose not to continue with the conversion process. True observance is a very different way of life. And unfortunately we also have those within Judaism who step out of the sacred bounds of Torah.

Now that we have responded to your inquiry we would like to ask a few questions of our own which will assist us in better understanding your particular situation.

Please answer the following:

Age, education major, areas of interest, marital status, children / ages, grandchildren and relationship with spouse, children, parents,...

Remember, your choices will affect everyone that you love. It is wise to be cautious while carefully examining all the possibilities.

Fourth, sometimes Hashem reveals things to us that need to be changed. Maybe your knowledge and research are tools for reformation within your present religious body. Being patient and proactive can and will have positive results. JewishPath is a proactive, activist Jewish organization. We actively expose, address and gently press to solve problems through Torah observance. We are successful!!

If you would like a copy of a future booklet by Dr. Belk which carefully discusses The Seven Noaich Laws, you can send $3.00 American Dollars plus $1.00 shipping and handling {all $4.00 of which is non refundable} in the form of a check or money order to:

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Also, please remember we need the support of readers like yourself.

JewishPath is a non profit volunteer organization. We deeply appreciate every contribution. Even the smallest gift is greatly appreciated. If every fifth visitor sent just $1.00 we could hire and maintain a fulltime staff to answer questions like yours.

In advance we thank you for whatever you may be able to do.

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With kindest regards and all the best wishes for you and yours,

Akiva G. Belk
Editor's Note: The Seven Noaich Commands are now available. You may also download this artice by Dr. Belk for non commercial private study only:  The SEVEN Noaich Commands
If you would like a copy of the booklet, he charges a non refundable $3.00 American Dollars plus $1.00 shipping and handling. If you are interested you can order Dr. Belk's booklet by sending a check or money order to:
Dr. Akiva Belk
POB 1075
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Best regards,

Rachel Gold,


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