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Hasten to do Good!

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Hasten To Do Good  ©

By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

Our Devri Torah is in the loving Memory of Mr. Yochanan Bond, Mr. Robert Dietrich Mr. Jimmy Reeves, Mr.  Jim Wilson and Mr. Tim Cox may they rest in peace.

Parshat Terumah

Shemot [Exodus] 25.1 - 27.19

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Exod. 25:1

 .rmoêaLe hv≤àmoAla, hw:¡hy" rB´àd"y"w"  

Exod. 25:2

] yli`AWjq"yIw" lae+r:c]yI ynE∞B]Ala, r~BeD"  

 rv≤¢a} v~yaiAlK; ta´¶me hm...-WrT

 .ytiâm;WrT]Ata, Wj¡q"Ti /B+li WNb≤¢D"yI

And He, Hashem Said to Moshe,

Say to B'nei Yisroel, 'And take a Terumah-offering from every man whose heart impels him to generosity, take everything from Aleph to Tav of My Terumah- offering.' 

Gen. 24:18

rhe%m'T]w" ynI-doa} ht´¢v] rm,aOT¡w" 

 .WhqEêv]T'w" Hd:¡y:Al[' HD:üK' dr<Toéw" 

Gen. 24:19

 Ú~yL,~m'g"li µG"• rm,aOT%w" /t-qov]h'l] lkæ`T]w" 

.tToêv]li WL¡KiAµai d[æà ba;+v]a,

Gen. 24:20

tq<Vo+h'Ala, H~D:K' r[æ¶T]w" rhe%m'T]w"  

 bao-v]li ra´`B]h'Ala≤â d/[ü ≈r:T...àw"

 .wyL...âm'G"Alk;l] baæ`v]Tiw"

And [Rivkah] said,  'Drink, my master' and she hastened to lower her pitcher to her hand and let him drink. And when she had finished giving him to drink she said,  'I will also draw water for your camels, until they have finished drinking.'  And she hastened her pitcher into the trough and ran quickly to the well again to draw [water].  [Rivkah] drew water for all his camels.

Dear Ones in our Discussion of the Devri Limood Bereisheit 22 entitled G-d Tested Avraham we examined what separates Avraham from us.  We found our father Avraham was meticulous in his observances of Ha Torah.  We found Avraham put his entire being into doing the Mitzvot.  We observed that Avraham reduced his self that his self being stayed within proper boundaries. He did not let his goof i.e. his self have open range. He kept himself under control.  Avraham was quick to do what ever His Creator Requested.

In Parshat Terumah we observe that B'nei Yisroel is on a very high level of righteousness.  They are quick to respond to the request of a Terumah offering of gold, silver and other fine things.  And through the Gematria of the Word hm;WrTi, Tee Roo Maw, meaning offering, we observe the righteous Rivkah as she rhemæT]wæ, Vah Tih Mah Hayr, meaning and hastens to give water to Avraham's servant Eliezer and then to his camels.  The Shoresh of  hm;WrTi, Tee Roo Maw is rhemi, Mee Hayr,  The Letter t, Tav is added as a special sign in front of the Word hm;WrTi, Tee Roo Maw.  The Letter t, Tav is a sign given to teach us that  the three year old Rivkah was respectful to Avraham's servant, that she was deliberate in her actions, she quick summed up the situation and she acted with hast.  Ha Torah Does not give us the impression that Rivkah asked any questions of Eliezer or of the men with him.  For example she could have asked why aren't you servants watering the camels?  She didn't.  We know Eleizer had men traveling with him because Lot gave water to Eliezer to wash his feet and Lot also gave water for the feet of the men who were with Eliezer, Bereisheit 24.32.  

Rivkah's actions was a display of her very great righteousness.  She contained herself being.  She kept her self being in control.  She acted on the older gentleman's request.  Then she even went beyond the request.  This is a very great example of the righteousness and respect Rivkah possessed!  Thank G-d!

Tee Roo Maw, meaning offering

651 = h5 m40 w6 r200 t400

Vah Tih Mah Hayr, meaning to hasten

651 = r200 h5 m40 t400 w6

The prayer for each of us is not to be self empowering but  to be soul empowering as our father Avraham and mother Sarah were and May we hasten to give Terumah from a generous heart.

Blessings Health, Prosperity, Kindness and Peace,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel

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