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tpewOm Mk,l; WnT]

Give A Sign for Yourselves ©

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By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

Our Devri Torah is in the loving Memory of Mr. Arnold Student Litman and Donald Wayne Belk and Mr. Gary Lee Belk, may they rest in peace.

Parshat Shemot Va'eira

Shemot Exodus 6.2 - 9.35

Shemot 7.9

rmo+ale h~[or"P' µk≤¶lea} rBeŸd"y" y°Ki

T...¢r"m'a;w" tp´-/m µk≤`l; WnìT]

Ël´àv]h'w" ÚüF]m'Ata≤â jq"é ˆro%h}a'Ala≤â

 .ˆyNIêt'l] yhiày" h[o¡r"p'AynEêp]li

For when Pharaoh says to you 'Give a sign [or miracle] for yourselves, and then you [Moshe] should say to Aharon, 'Take everything from Aleph to Tav of your rod then throw it down before Pharaoh.  [Your rod] will become a serpent.

It is note worthy to mention that just thirty-six Words after tpEwOm Moh Fay, meaning sign or miracle we find the Word, µypiV]kæm]læw", Vih Lah Mih Chah Shih Feem, meaning and for magicians [sorcerers].  Both Words are the Gematria 526.  G-d Willing we will discuss the Gematria connection of 526 later.  The number thirty six is the Gematria of Úd<y:B], Bih Yaw Deh Chaw, meaning in your hand. 

In Shemot 4.2 Ha Torah States:

'Hashem Said to [Moshe] ''What is that Úd<y:b], Vih Yaw Deh Chaw, in your hand?''  [Moshe] said, a rod.  [Hashem Said] 'Throw it on the ground.'  [Moshe] threw it on the ground and it became a snake...

In Shemot 4.17 Hashem Instructs Moshe:

'And take everything of Aleph to Tav of this rod Úd<y:B, in your hand, for with it you will perform everything from Aleph to Tav of [miraculous] signs.'

Shemot 4.17

Úd<-y:B] jQ"∞Ti hZ<¡h' hF≤àM'h'Ata,w"

.ttoêaoh;Ata, /B¡Ahc,[}T' rv≤àa}

Now it is VERY IMPORTANT to note that the last Word of Shemot 4.17 is ttoaoh;, Haw Oh Toht, meaning signs.  ttoaoh;, Haw Oh Toht is plural for twOa, Ooht, meaning sign.  Why is it important to clarify that ttoaoh;, Haw Oh Toht, means signs?  It is important because in Shemot 7.9 the Word tpEwOm Moh Fay, meaning sign or miracle is used.  Jews, Spiritualists [Noachides] and Christians ALL translate tpEwOm Moh Fay as sign in Shemot 7.9  In addition to this we can refer back to Shemot 4.17 where Hashem, the Creator of everything States that through this rod Moshe would perform many ttoaoh;, Haw Oh Toht, signs.  Again, in the first usage of ttoaoh;, Haw Oh Toht in Bereisheit [Genesis] 1.14 and in the second usage in Shemot 4.17 Jews, Spiritualists and Christians all translate ttoaoh;, Haw Oh Toht as signs.

In Shemot 4.9 Ha Torah Says:

'And if they will not believe these two twOtaoh;, Haw Oh Toht, signs, and they will not listen to your voice ...' Again Jews, Spiritualists and Christians agree.  twOtaoh;, Haw Oh Toht, signs means signs. These Passukim [verses] are really good because IT DOES NOT ALLOW FOR ANY SQUIGGLE ROOM when we discuss what Jesus says about signs later!!  G-d Willing we will come back to this shortly.

In Shemot 4.21 Ha Torah Says:

Hashem Said to Moshe, 'On your return to Mitzriam [Egypt] see [think about] all the wondrous [signs] that I have placed  Úd<y:b], Vih Yaw Deh Chaw, in your hand, and do them to Pharaoh.

It is important to Observe that in these Passukim the Words, tpEwOm Moh Fay, meaning sign or miracle is and  ttoaoh;, Haw Oh Toht, signs are used to describe the very same things.  Now having said this I would like to refer Sefer HaYashar, noted in KJV as 'The Book of Jasher' in Joshua 10.13 and 2 Samuel 1.18.  The NIV translations notes this as the Book of Jashar.  Sefer Ha Yashar dates back to before 2488 F.C.  i.e around the time of the Giving of Ha Torah on Mount Sinai. The Book of Jasher states, 'In the morning, the king sent for the two brothers [Moshe and Aharon]. They came with the staff [rod] and spoke again: ''Thus says the [G-d] of the Hebrews, 'Let My people leave so that they may serve Me.'  ''

''Who do you think will believe you, said the [king] when you say that you are messengers of [G-d] and you come here by His [Command]? Give me a sign, so that your statements may be verified.''  Sefer HaYashar (Hoboken, NJ: KTAV Publishing House, Inc., 1993) p.197

'[G-d Told Moshe] the end at the beginning, Note that it does not say: If Pharaoh will speak unto you, but, WHEN HE SHALL SPEAK UNTO YOU, as if to say, Pharaoh will speak unto you thus. R, Judah, son of R. Shalom, said: [G-d Said, 'Pharaoh] is quite right to say: SHOW A WONDER FOR YOU (VII,9), for so you find in the case of Noah.' After all the miracles which [G-d Had Performed] for him in the ark, when He brought him forth and [Said] to him, And the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh' (Gen. IX, 15),Noah began to demand a sign, and [G-d Has] to assure him: I have set My bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token (ib. 16).  If Noah who was righteous asked for a sign, shall not Pharaoh who is wicked certainly do so? Similarly, in the case of Hezekiah, when Isaiah came and said to him: 'Thus Saith the [L-rd] . . . behold, I will heal thee; on the third day thou shalt go up unto the house of the [L-rd]' (II Kings xx, 5), Hezekiah demanded a sign, as it says: And Hezekiah said unto Isaiah: What shall be the sign that the [L-rd Will] heal me, and that I shall go up unto the house of the [L-rd] the third day (ib.8).  If Hezekiah who was righteous asked for a sign, shall not Pharaoh who is wicked certainly do so?' Rabbi Dr. H. Freedman, Midrash Rabba Exodus III (New York, NY: The Soncino Press 1983) - Midrash Rabbah writes, Tamar was the daughter of Shem. pp120.121

Dear reader with many references we have established that a sign is proper.   Both the righteous and the wicked as our Creator for signs. Now we must ask, Does G-d Love each human being equally?  Christians Believe that G-d is not a Respecter of persons.  Paul writes in Romans 2:11 'For there is no respect of persons with [G-d].' 'For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same [lord] over all is rich unto all that call upon him, Romans 10:12.  If Christians believe that G-d is Fair... that G-d is Just... that G-d is Mercifully... that G-d is Love why would Christians believe that the generation in which the Messiah comes would not be given many signs of what was about to happen?

Why would Jesus say,  "A wicked and adulterous generation asks for a miraculous sign! But none will be given it except the sign of the prophet Jonah",  Matthew 12.39.  Jesus repeated his claim in Matthew 16:4 'A wicked and adulterous generation looks for a miraculous sign, but none will be given it except the sign of Jonah.'  Luke reported that Jesus said,  "This is a wicked generation. It asks for a miraculous sign, but none will be given it except the sign of Jonah", Luke 11:29.  Was Jesus implying that G-d Loved wicked Pharaoh much more than the wicked and adulterous generation?  G-d Gave many signs through Moshe to wicked Pharaoh.  Why wouldn't G-d give the same opportunity to this wicked and adulterous generation?  G-d Gave the wicked people of Nineveh forty days to repent.  G-d Sent Jonah to preach to the wicked people of Nineveh. See Jonah 1.2;3.1-4 Why wouldn't G-d Give the same opportunity to this wicked and adulterous generation? 

Three times Jesus is said to have repeated the ONLY sign that would be given to the wicked and adulterous generation would be the sign of the prophet Jonah.

What was the sign?

 Jesus own prophecy recorded in Matthew 12.40 states,  Jesus said, For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.  What is the problem here?  According to the New Testament Jesus' alleged resurrection took place on the morning of the First Day.  Jesus own prophecy recorded in Matthew 12.40 conflicts with the New Testament account.

Do the math...  Three full days:

Day one is from late on the sixth day to late on the seventh day.

Day two is from late on the seventh day to late on the First Day.

Day three is from late on the First Day to late on the second day.

Try three partial days and nights:

Day one is before sunset on the preparation day, the sixth day. Night one follows.

Day two is Shabbat, the seventh day. Night two follows.

Day three is the First Day of the week.  This does not work either.  Why? There is no night three.

According to the New Testament this is suppose to be a sign.  What kind of a sign is this?  Jesus was not in the heart of the earth 3 days and 3 nights.  

Dear ones for centuries the Catholic church and many Protestants  have been observing Good Friday as the late afternoon / night they claim Jesus was buried.   According to Catholics and Protestants Jesus allegedly arose on the morning of the first day.   Do the math.

Now lets conclude with the Gematria 526. Moshe performed the real signs.  However the sorcerers performed magic.  Jonah was in the big fishes belly three days and three nights.  Jesus was NOT in the heart of the earth three days and three nights.  Moshe's sign was real.  The sorcerers was magic.   Simply put what is a real sign?  Moshe's rod consumed the rods of the sorcerers.  Moshe's rod was the real thing!  Jesus is said to have proclaimed three different times what the sign would be for the wicked and adulterous generation.   Did Jesus fulfill the sign?  Was Jesus in the heart of the earth three days and three nights?  This was NOT a sign.  It did not happen.... 

526 = t400 p80 w6 m40

526 = µ40 y10 p80 v300 k20 m40 l30 w6

The thirty-six Words after tpEwOm Moh Fay, meaning sign or miracle to the Word, µypiV]kæm]læw", Vih Lah Mih Chah Shih Feem, meaning and for magicians [sorcerers] teach us the down fall of Pharaoh, the sorcerers and Mitzriam was Úd<y:B], Bih Yaw Deh Chaw, meaning in your hand [in Moshe's hand].  The  Gematria of Úd<y:B], Bih Yaw Deh Chaw is thirty six.

36 = ˚20 d4 y10 b2

May Hashem Bless us with the knowledge of His Truth.  

Blessings and peace,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel

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bqo[æyæ tae

Ayt Yaakov - Vs - Eht Yaakov

The Fullness of Yaakov and His Sons ©

If you cannot read the Hebrew click here.


By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

Our Devri Torah is in the loving Memory of Mr. Yochanan Bond may he rest in peace and  Mrs. Jeanne Camille Wiltz Pierre may she rest in peace.

Parshat Shemot Shemot

Shemot [Exodus] 1.1 - 6.1

There are 124 Passukim [Verses] in this Sidrah.

ˆd...[i, Ee Dawn, means time period, era epoch, a long time.  124 = ˆ50d4 [70

When we look at the seventh and eighth Words of Passuk Aleph {Exodus 1.1} we see the Words 

bqo[æyæ tae, Ayt Yaakov.  What I am about to do is to fuss a little over the choice of the Nih Ku Daht [the vowel] in Shemot 1.1 for the word ta.  Our Sages Say the Aleph Tav means 'with' as in 'with Yaakov'.  However in comparing all seventeen usages of the Letters bq[y ta in Ha Tenach, Shemot 1.1 is the ONLY PLACE where the Nih Ku Daht - Tz-Ree [two dots side by side] is used.  In the other sixteen usages the Seghol [See-Gol three dots, two above one center below] are used.  When we use the Tz-ree the pronunciation is Ayt.  When we use the See-Gol the pronunciation is Eth.  The meanings also changes.  Please see Eht Yaakov.

'The [Word] et is spelled Alef-Tav, The first and last [Letters] of the Hebrew alphabet.  It therefore implies a transition from beginning to end...'  Aryeh Kaplan The Bahir ( Lanham, Maryland, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers) 1st edition, 2004 p 108

In the Talmud the Eth is expounded upon from the very first two usages in Bereisheit 1.1, 'The two occurrences of [Eht] transform the meaning of the [Verse] from one extreme to the other... the Torah [Tells] us that [G-d] in His absolute Unity [Created] the heavens and the earth and all their myriad derivations.'  Chagigah 12a -60 The Eht of the Heavens and the Eht of the earth means 'Everything from Aleph to Tav'. 

.≈r<a...âh; ta´àw" µyImæ`V;h' ta´à µyhi-løa' ar:∞B; tyvi`arEB]

'In the beginning G-d Created Everything from Aleph to Tav of the Heavens and Everything from Aleph to Tav of the earth.' Bereisheit 1.1

R' Yishmael expounds the occurrences of [Eth] in Bereisheit 1.1. The [Word Eht] written concerning the heavens is meant to include the auxiliary features of the heavens, such as the sun, moon and stars; the [Word Eht] written concerning the earth is meant to include auxiliary features such as trees, herbs and the Garden of Eden.' Chagigah 12b -1 [Also see: Rabbi Dr. H. Freedman, Midrash Rabba Genesis I (New York, NY: The Soncino Press 1983) - Midrash Rabbah writes, Tamar was the daughter of Shem. p 13]

So why am I discussing this point about the Word Eht?  It is because the Sages Teach an attachment between Yaakov and his sons using the Letters ta {tae} Ayt meaning: with.  I respectfully object! Why?  In these instances both tae Ayt and ta, Eht have the same meanings, 'Everything from Aleph to Tav.'  The Sages Teach that in Shemot 1.1 the Words bqo[æyæ tae, Ayt Yaakov means 'his sons were like Yaakov, i.e on his level of righteousness.' I prefer 'Everything from Aleph to Tav' of Yaakov which includes his sons and everything else pertaining to Yaakov.  The Midrash makes the point! 'The Midrash questions why the [Verse] repeats, ''together with Yaakov.'' since it had just stated, [in Bereisheit 46.5-27] just stated, ''These are the names of the sons of Yisroel who were coming to [Mitzriam] Egypt.'' It is obvious that they came with Yaakov.'

Then the Midrash Tells us why.  '...all the sons were like Yaakov...  This was because he caused and inspired them by chastising and admonishing them. (Eitz Yosef).' Avrohom Davis, Metsudah Midrash Tanchuma Shemos I (Monsey, NY Eastern Book Press Inc. 2005) p1  The point is that Yaakov was righteous. In chastising and admonishing his children they were righteous like their father.  Yet, there is more.

748 = bq[y 20 = y = dwy = d4 w6 y10

                          130 = [ = ˆy[ = ˆ50 y10 [70

                          186 = q = πwq = π80 w6 q100

                          412 = b = tyB = t400 y10 b2


748 =  412 + 186 + 130 + 20

748 = t400 j8 v300 m40

748 = µ40 t400 b2 v300 w6

748 = t400 v300 m40 j8

Please notice Bereisheit 31.13.  The Gematria Miluy of Yaakov the fullness of Yaakov is 748 which is also the Gematria of T;jvæm;. Maw Shah Chih Taw, meaning you anoint.  Why is this significant? The fullness of Yaakov {748} is you anoint.  Yaakov chastised and admonished his children.  He also Blessed them with his word and actions.  Yaakov Blessed Yoseif, Bereisheit 48.15.  He [Yaakov] Blessed them [Ephraim Menasheh, Bereisheit 48.20.  Then Yaakov gave us this example of how to bless our children. When your cup is full as Yaakov's was... when your life is blessed as Yaakov's was there is no more room to contain the blessing.  When the blessings overflow they poor out of your life... out of your soul and touch those closest to you, your children...  The point is that Yaakov's anointing blessed his children.  The point is that Hashem's Blessings upon Yaakov overflowed in his live and became a source of blessing to others around him.

We are reminded of another overflowing in BaMidbar 3.  There Hashem Instructed Moshe to count the Lih Vih Eem {the Levites].  The count was 22,000.  Next Hashem Instructed Moshe to count all first born males of B'nei Yisroel from one month and above.  The count was 22,273.  There was an overflow of 273 among the first born of B'nei Yisroel.  Then Hashem Spoke to Moshe Saying,   Take the Liv Vih Eem instead of every first born of B'nei Yisroel , and the animals of the Levi'im instead of their animals [B'nei Yisroel's animals] and the Levi'im shall be Mine,' BaMidbar 3.45.  Then regarding the overflow of 273 first born, And the redemption of the two hundred and seventy-three that are in excess of the number of Levi'im from the first born of B'nei Yisroel.  You shall take [ tv,mejæ, Chah May Sheht, meaning] five shekolim apiece from each [of the 273] individuals, you shall take it in holy shekolim at twenty gerah for each shekel.  You shall give the silver to Aharon and his sons as a redemption for those whose numbers are in excess [of the Levi'im], BaMidbar 3.46, 47.  

What is the connection here?  If there would have been 273 more Levi'im then a redemption offering would not have been necessary.  There would have been  enough Levi'im.  Yet the fact is that there were 273 more of the first born of B'nei Yisroel.  Ha Torah is Careful to say they were in excess.  They were an overflow.  Ha Torah did not choose to say there was a shortage of Levi'im.  Interesting! The emphasis is on the excess.  The excess of the first born among B'nei Yisroel points to the overflow of Yaakov on his children.  As a result FIVE silver coins had to be used in place of 273 Levi'im.  The point is that Chah May Sheht, meaning five points to the Five Books of Ha Torah. 

We read Moshe took Everything from Aleph to Tav of the [redemption] silver...., BaMidbar 3.49

We read, The [Written] Statements of Hashem are pure Statements as purified silver clearly visible to all on earth refined seven times. Tehillim 12.7

So we Observe that πs,K,, Cheh Sehf, silver is tied to the [Written] Statements of Hashem that are clearly visible to all on earth...  The [Written] Statements are speaking of Ha Torah.  People may not be able to read Hebrew but they can see the purity of Ha Torah.  People can see Ha Torah Has been tried and remains purified.

Five silver coins physically redeemed the first born of B'nei Yisroel.   However Mystically the Statements of the five Books of Ha Torah is what Spiritually redeems humankind!  The Word µT,b]væw", Vih Shah Vih Tehm means and you will return.  Vih Shah Vih Tehm  is found nine times in Ha Tenach.

Mal. 3:18

o ˆyBeº [v...-r:l] qyDI¡x' ˆyB´à µt,+yair"W µ~T,b]v'w"  

 ./dîb;[} aOlè rv≤`a}l' µyhi+løa' db´¢[ø

Then you will return and see the difference between the righteous and the wicked between one who serves

G-d and one who will not serve Him.

Neh. 1:9

µt≤`yci[}w" yt'+wOx]mi µ~T,r"m'v]W yl'+ae µT≤¢b]v'w"  

 hx´¶q"Bi µk,⁄j}D"nIê hy<!h]yIAµai µt...-ao 

?µ~yti/aybiâh}w"¿ µytiao/bh}w"® µxe+B]q"a} µV...¢mi µ~yIm'~V;h'

 .µv...â ymi`v]Ata,  ˆK´àv'l] yTir"j'+B; rv≤¢a} µ/q+M;h'Ala, 

And when you return to Me and Observe My Commandments and perform them, even if the banished among you reach the ends of the heavens, I Shall Gather them from there and bring them to the Place that I Have Chosen to rest My Name There. 

So Dear Ones we can Observe that returning to Hashem and returning to Torah Observance each are connected with  the Overflow  of the Miluy Yaakov 748.  It is when we turn our attention to the Statements of Ha Torah and begin absorbing Ha Torah's Statements that we begin to do repair that we begin to become purified.   

Right now we may be like the first born of B'nei Yisroel.  We may need the Ceh Sehf, the silver of Ha Torah to redeem us and to refine us seven times over.  When we take this step of return we begin the path of redemption.  When we take this step of redemption by beginning to Observe Ha Torah our live begins to rise to the point of overflow.  When we overflow we are like Yaakov in righteousness.

May we take the challenge of Torah Observance SERIOUSLY!  May we regard each Mitzvot of Ha Torah with the highest honor.  May Honor Hashem by CAREFULLY Observing Ha Torah!

Blessings and peace,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel

Yaakov Lived!

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Yaakov Lived ©

hnv hrv[ [bv µyrxm ≈rab bq[y yjyw

And he, Yisroel, lived in the land of Mitzriam / Egypt for seventeen years.

If the Hebrew does not open for you click here.

By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

Our Devri Torah is in the loving Memory of Mr Yochanan Bond may he rest in peace and Mrs. Jeanne Camille Wiltz Pierre may she rest in peace.

Parshat Vayechi

Bereisheit [Genesis] 47.28 - 50.26

1.) Vayechi begins with the comment 'Yaakov lived in Mitzriam for seventeen years'. Ha Torah Does not say Yisroel lived in Mitzriam for seventeen years.  We are speaking of a difference in names here, Yaakov in comparison to Yisroel.  Why?  The Gematria of 'Yaakov lived' has a message.  There is a pointed difference. The words, 'Yaakov lived' is the Gematria 216. However what if Ha Torah Said 'Yisroel lived' the Gematria would have been 575. There is an important reason why Ha Torah is using Yaakov in place of Yisroel. What is the reason?

2.) Then one should be asking why Ha Torah Does not directly inform us how long Yaakov lived with his parents, Yitzchok and Rivkah.  One should be inquiring why Ha Torah does not inform us of how long Yaakov lived with Lavan.  We can use methods to learn how long Yaakov lived in certain areas but we are not pointedly informed like Bereisheit 47.29, 'Yaakov lived in Mitzriam for seventeen years'  We could have figured out the time Yaakov spent in Mitzriam.  Wo why does Ha Torah inform us that 'Yaakov lived in Mitzriam for seventeen years'?

 b~qo[}y"Aym´ây" yhi¶y"w" hn:-v; hrE¡c][, [bæàv] µyIr"+x]mi ≈r<a≤¢B] b~qo[}y" yji¶y"w"

.hn:êv; taæ`m]W µy[iàB;r"a'w" µynI±v; [b'v≤¢ wyY:±j' ynE∞v]

3.) Another point is the usual use of the Word yjiy"wæ Vah Yih Chee, meaning 'and he lived.'  Our sages point out the Torah usually employs such terms as bv,yEwæ, settled, or rg:y...wæ, dwelt, to describe the years one spent in a particular place...' Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz and Rabbi Nosson Scherman, The Artscroll Tanach Series - Bereishis Vol. I(b) (Brooklyn, New York: Mesorah Publications, Ltd. 3rd Impression, 1989), p 2085

So we have a quandary.  Each of these three points cause us to focus on why?

1. Why Yaakov lived instead of Yisroel lived

2. Why Lived instead of settled or dwelt

3. Why pin point Yaakov's seventeen years of living in Mitzriam

Our Sages say Yaakov suffered much during the first 130 years of his life. He had issues with Eisov, the birthright, the blessing of the first born and his brothers hatred.  He had issues with Lavan for 20 years.  He mourned for 20 years thinking Yoseif was dead that his sons would not inhere the Blessing of Avraham.  Twelve sons were necessary.  He was missing one son.  So the last seventeen years of Yaakov's life were not spent settling or dwelling they were spent living with his entire family in happiness and harmony.   'If one's end is good, all is good.' {Akeidah; Chizkuni}. 

216 = b2 q100 [70 y10   y10 8 10 6

216 = r200 w6 b2 j8

216 = µ40 w6 q100 m40 l30

The Gematria of Yaakov lived tells us how he lived.  He was joined with his children and grandchildren etc. rWbj... Chaw Voor meaning joined [to his family],  attached to [his family], connecting [with his family].  One could also say Yaakov longed for.. Yaakov greatly desired the day he would be joined with Yoseif.  Last week in Parshat Vayigash we discussed Bring Me Up Out of that Place!  We discussed and shared our saddnesses about dwelling in a place that was not on the high Spiritual level we desire and how we want to return to that place.  Well in

 this week's Parshat that place is µwOqM;læ, Lah Mae Kohm, meaning, to go to the Place.  For each of us there is a circle a place of tranquility. There is a place we can enter to live to enjoy as yaakov was able to do. This does not mean everything is right in life.  This means there is a place that we can live and enjoy those we love as Yaakov did.  The Gematria of Lah Maw Kohm is also 216.

Blessings and peace,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel

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Blessings and peace,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel

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We are Dwelling Here Today but We are Desiring to Return to a Higher Place of Spirituality!

Bring Me Up Out of that Place! ©

Bring Me Up Out of that Place!.pdf

We provide this PDF so you will be able to see the Hebrew / Gematrias

µyrxm  ≈rab  Larcy  bvyw

And he, Yisroel, dwelt in the land of Mitzriam / Egypt

By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

Our Devri Torah is in the loving Memory of Mr. George Belk, Mrs Ethel Channah Sakash Belk and Donald Wayne Belk, Mr. Gary Lee Belk, and Mr. Arnold Student Litman may they rest in peace.

Parshat Vatigash

Bereisheit [Genesis] 44.18 - 47.27

Last week in our Limood of Bereisheit 14 I discussed how due to famine in Eretz Canaan that Avram went down into Mitzriam / Egypt, see Bereisheit 13.10.  Then after a short time their he went up out of Mitzriam.  He returned to the place of where he experienced a high level of Spirituality.  It was the place near Bethel and Ai where Avram had originally built an altar and worshipped the Holy One, Blessed is The Name.  Our focus was on returning to the place of higher Spirituality then we presently are at.  In this weeks Parshat we are examining a similar situation with Avraham's grandson, Yaakov / Yisroel.  We notice in Bereisheit 46. Yisroel travels to Beer Sheva.  This is a very special place for his grandfather, Avraham and for him.  This is the place Avraham made peace with Avimelech, king of Gerar and his general Pichol. Avraham took seven ewes of the flock to give to Avimelech.  [bæv, Sheh Vah means seven, corresponding to the h[;Wbv] oath.  raeb] Bih Ayar means to make clear.  So the meaning of  h[;Wbv]  raeb means Avraham took seven ewes to make a clear oath with Avimelech.   See Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz and Rabbi Nosson Scherman, The Artscroll Tanach Series - Bereishis Vol. I(a) (Brooklyn, New York: Mesorah Publications, Ltd. 3rd Impression, 1989), pp 774 -776  

It is in the dessert of Beer Sheva that the Melech of Elokim appeared to Hagar.  G-d Called to Hagar from heaven.  G-d Heard the cry of Yishmael. G-d Promises to make Yishmael a great nation from Yishmael, see Bereisheit 21.14 - 21.  It was here in Beer Sheva that the grand daughter of Noach, the daughter of Shem / Malki Zedek {Bereisheit 14.18} , Tamar waited at the crossroads for Yehudah to come sheer his sheep. Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz and Rabbi Nosson Scherman, The Artscroll Tanach Series - Bereishis Vol. I(a) (Brooklyn, New York: Mesorah Publications, Ltd. 3rd Impression, 1989), p 1673  Ha Torah Says, 'She sat at the crossroads...' Bereisheit 38.17. What crossroads?  It was the crossroads in which one went to Avraham's home. {ibid 1628}. It was here that Yaakov traveled to speak with 'the G-d of his father, Yitzchok, Bereisheit 46.1. Yisroel was very concerned about going down to Mitzriam.   Elokim Said to 'Yisroel, Do not be afraid to go down to Mitzriam... I Will surely bring you up again...', Bereisheit 46.2-4.  Yisroel was deeply concerned about going down to Mitzriam.  He was greatly concerned about coming back up from Mitzriam.  See Bereisheit 47.28-31 Yoseif keep his promise to his father.  In Bereisheit 50.5 - 7 Ha Torah Says [Yoseif requested of Pharaoh] '...please [let me] go up and bury my father...' Pharaoh said, 'Go up and bury your father...' 'Yoseif went up to bury his father...'  This was the fulfillment of G-d's Promises to Yisroel that 'I Will surely bring you up again', Bereisheit 46.4. 

What is the point? It is possible that anyone of us may find it necessary to descend into a place like Mitzriam. It is not pleasant!  Yet, it is necessary.  Yisroel gave us a pattern to follow.  Talk to Elokim =before going down.  Portion Elokim to go with you. Make others promise to help bring you up out of that place.  Lets begin our Gematria with Bereisheit 47.27.

 Wrìp]YIw" Hb;+ Wz§j}a;YEw" ˆv,GO= ≈r<a≤¢B] µyIr"¡x]mi ≈r<a≤àB] la´ör:c]yI bv,YEéw"

.daoêm] WB¡r"YIw

318 = b2 v300 y10 w6    318 = 2 + 300 + 10 + 6

318 = y10 b2 w6 v300    318 = 2 + 300 + 10 + 6

The first Word of Bereisheit 47.27 is bv,yEwæ Vah Yay Shehv meaning 'And he [Yaakov / Yisroel] dwelt. The first Letter is a w {Vav}. The Vav is a connecting Letter meaning 'And'. The Gematria of the Vav is 6.  The second Letter is a y {Yud}. The Gematria of Yud is 10.  Yud is the smallest Hebrew Letter in size.  The Yud Represents power. The third Letter is v {Shin}. The Gematria of Shin is 300. The fourth Letter is B {Bet}. The Gematria of Bet is 2.  Notice Example Above.

In Bereisheit the following Passukim have related Gematrias: Bereisheit 2.5; 4.16; 14.16; 15.2; 15.11; 16.9; 22.19; 24.3; 27.41; 37.38; 42.38; 47.4 and 48.2.  We will zoom in on Bereisheit 16.9.  Please notice the fifth Word ybiWv {Shoo Vee} meaning 'Return'.  Shoo Vee is what Yaakov requested of his Yoseif.  Ha Torah Records, [Yaakov said to Yoseif], Please, do not bury me in Mitzriam. [Instead] let me lie with my fathers.  Carry me out of Mitzriam and bury me in their grave, Bereisheit 47.29,30.  The word ybiWv {Shoo Vee} is not used yet the action of return is state.  Yaakov's request to Yoseif is that he be buried in the cave of Machpeilah.  This is where Yaakov desired to dwell after his death.  It is interesting that bv,yEwæ Vah Yay Shehv and  ybiWv {Shoo Vee} share the same Letters. If one rearranges the Letters of Vah Yay Shev [Yisroel] they could be Shoo Vee Return [Yisroel]. Both are the Gematria of 318.  

.h;yd<êy: tj'Tæà yNI¡['t]hiw" ËT´-r"biG"Ala, ybiWv¡ hw:±hy" Ëaæ¢l]m' H~l; rm,aOYªw"

The Rebbetzin wrote in her notes, '318 rings a bell, it is the number of members of Avraham's household that went out as his army to rescue Lot in the siege of Sedom (Bereisheit/Genesis Perek/Chapter 14'.  Also 318 represents the number of Passukim  Yaakov's name is mentioned in all of Ha Tenach.

There is an important relationship between bv,yEwæ Vah Yay Shehv meaning 'And he [Yaakov / Yisroel] dwelt, ybiWv {Shoo Vee} meaning 'Return' and Wbv]yE Yaysh Voo meaning 'they dwelt'.  This is reference to all of Yaakov's children grandchildren and relatives that came down with him to Mitzriam.  Ha Torah States. 'All the soul [not souls] to Yaakov's house that came to Mitzriam were seventy', Bereisheit 46.27.  These descendants of Yaakov would multiply to many descendants while in Egypt.  They would also need to return to Eretz Canaan.  So the Gematria of 318 is very fitting for them also.  Why?   Wbv]yE Yaysh Voo means 'they dwelt'.   So they needed to ybiWv {Shoo Vee} 'Return' also.  Please notice the nineteenth word of Bereisheit 47.4.

\ ˆŸaOXl' h[,%r"mi ˆya´¢AyKi W‹naB; ≈Jr<a;B; rWg§l; h[o%r"P'Ala, Wr§m]aOYw"

hT...ö['w" ˆ['n:-K] ≈r<a≤¢B] b[...`r:h; db´àk;AyKiâ Úyd<+b;[}l' rv≤¢a}

 .ˆv,GOî ≈r<a≤àB Úyd<¡b;[} an:èAWbv]yE

This is what was prophesied to Avraham in Bereisheit 15.13 - 15.  In Passuk 15 the Word Yaw Shoo Voo meaning 'they will return' here [to Eretz Canaan] is prophesied 430 before the full fillment begins.  The point is that they i.e. Yaakov and his descendants dwelt in Mitzriam.  Then after dwelling in Mitzriam they returned to Eretz Canaan.  This is noted through the Gematria 318.  In Shemot [Exodus] 12.40 Ha Torah Says, ''The habitation of B'nei Yisroel dwelt Wbv]yE Yaysh Voo {'meaning 'they dwelt'} in Mitzriam lasted four hundred and thirty years.''

What is the point?  The same word Wbv]yE Yaysh Voo means 'they dwelt' is used in Bereisheit 47.4 and Shemot 12.40.  Both are spelled the same.  Both are the Gematria 318.

541 = L30 a1 r200 c300 y10

541 = h5 r200 c300 l30 w6

551 = t400 w6 x90 m40 h5

Now lets Observe a related Gematria for laer:c]yI Yisroel.  Ha Torah Says, Yisroel dwelt.  This means the man Yisroel dwelt in Mitzriam.  This also means the people who are referred to as B'nei Yisroel dwelt in Mitzriam.   The Gematria of Yisroel is 541.  As stated above in the Gematria 318 both Yaakov {Yisroel} and his descendants needed to return.  The Gematria for hr:c;l]W Voo Lih Saw Rawh means 'and to Sarah' is also the Gematria of 541.  Why is this significant?  Ha Torah Says, laer:c]yI  bv,yEwæ Vah Yay Shehv Yisroel 'And he Yisroel dwelt.  When we use related Gematrias we Mystically understand this also means, And he [Yisroel] returned to Sarah.  How did Yisroel return to Sarah?  He was buried in the Cave of Machpeilah.  Ha Torah Says, 'Avraham buried his wife Sarah in the cave of the Machpeilah field...' Bereisheit 23.19.  This is where Yisroel was buried.  Ha Torah Says, 'His sons carried him to Eretz Canaan and buried him in the cave of the field of Machpeilah which Avraham purchased...' Bereisheit 50.13.  We see this fulfilled in the words  hr:c;l]W Voo Lih Saw Rawh means 'and to Sarah'.  See Bereisheit 18.14. Yisroel was to return to Sarah.  We also observe that the Gematria of  µt,ax;y" Yih Tzaw Tehm meaning 'when you came out' from Mitzriam, Shemot 13.3 is the Gematria 541. So in this Gematria we Observe the beginning of the fulfillment of Bereisheit 15.16 with Yisroel the nation coming out of Mitzriam.  We also Observe a connection to the Gematria 541 in the greatest sense, in the Spiritual sense with the word. twOx]Mihæ Ha Mitzvot meaning the Commands.  When anyone Observes the Commands of Ha Torah they are leaving one way of life for a better way of life. So Yisroel Mystically became free from the slavery of sin and Mitzriam by Observance of the Commands of Ha Torah.  This took us out of one state of mind to a higher Spiritual state of being.

May each of us desire to return to that higher place of study, of prayer of learning of observance.  May be be blessed by our Creator in so doing.

Blessings and peace,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel

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