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By Dr. Akiva Gamliel

Parshat Vayikra Tzav

Vayikra [Leviticus] 6.1- 8.36

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Our Devri Torah is in the loving Memory of Mr. George Belk, Mr. Arnold Student Litman and Mrs. Ethel Channah Sakash Belk may they rest in peace.   May they be elevated in the HaShamayim.

Dear ones our discussion is from the first Word Passuk Bet of our Parshat.  Ha Torah Says, wx; Tzav, meaning Command.

Lev. 6:2

rmo+ale wyn:∞B;Ata,w" ˆŸroh}a'Ata≤â wxæ¶

hl;^[oh; awhi¢ hl...-[oh; tr"¡/T taOzì

h~l;y"L'~h'AlK; j"B´¶z"Mih'Al[' hd:Ÿq"/m l*['

 ./Bê dq"WTè j"B´`z"Mih' va´àw" rq<Bo+h'Ad[

May I inquire?  Who likes to be commanded? Why does our Creator Instruct Moshe to Command everything from Aleph to Tav of Aharon his older brother and everything from Aleph to Tav of his sons?

We Observe that the position of a Kohen begins with Command. The crisp... the sharpness... the exactness... requires command.

Next we see, this is the Torah, this is the Law regarding burnt offerings...

The Gematria of wx; Tzav, meaning Command. is 96.  The Gematria of W[d"y:w" Vih Yaw Dih Voo. meaning, and they shall know ispreciseness 96. The purpose of command is so that they will know.  Fulfilling their Observance must not be happenstance. There Observance had to be exact.  They had to pay attention.  They had to get it correct the first time and every time.

The swiftness... the exactness... the preciseness... the Command are all a part of the righteousness.  When we are around individuals who are more righteous we may thing they should be soft and cuddly and loving etc.  Yet the fact is they are as sharp as a blade.  They have to be...  They receive Commands and in return give Commands.  

We must be perceptive to what we may think of as being to hard or to forthright or to pushy or to stern etc.  It is the Command.  It is the straight forward Command of our Creator and those who receive His Command making sure the object of Observance is correct.

Blessings Health, Prosperity, Kindness and Peace,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel

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