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µyim;v;hæ r[ævæ hz≤w"

And This is the Gate [Portal] of the Heavens

By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

Our Devri Torah is in the loving Memory of Mr. Donald Wayne Belk and Mr. Gary Lee Belk, may they rest in peace.

Parshat Vayeitzei

Bereisheit [Genesis] 28.10 - 32.3

What is the Portal to the Heavens?  It is µv; ˆl,y...wæ µwøqM;Bæ [gæp]yiwæ {Vah Yif Gah - Bah Maw Kohm - Vah Yaw Lehn - Shawm} And he [Yaakov had an] encounter in the Place and tarried the night there.  This is a challenging Text.  The interpretation of this Text has implications of prayer and implications of night and implications of Others being with Yaakov.  This is a very mystical Text!   We must study to understand this Text because this is where the Portal of Heaven is...

The first two words µwøqM;Bæ [gæp]yiwæ {Vah Yif Gah - Bah Maw Kohm} tell us that Yaakov had an unexpected encounter.    Ha Torah Informs us that bqo[æyæ axeyewæ Yaakov departed from Beer-sheba.  Then Ha Torah Says, And he [Yaakov] went  to Charan.  It may seem like Yaakov simply went to Charan but that is not the meaning here.  Ha Torah Emphasizes that Yaakov departed Beer-sheba.  This is to inform us that there is more that to the story than Yaakov simply going to Charan.  If the story was simply about Yaakov just going to Charan Ha Torah would have said, Yaakov went to Charan.  Ha Torah Does Not Say that!  There is an issue here.  bqo[æyæ axeyewæ Yaakov departed.  Why does Ha Torah Informs us that Yaakov departed because this is obvious? Yaakov had to depart Beer-sheba to get to Charan.  Why does Ha Torah State something that is obvious?  There is a reason.  We may not understand the reason but there is a reason.  Just as Ha Torah Does Not tell us the Physical distance between Beer-sheba and Charan Ha Torah Does Not Inform us why the word depart is included in this story.  

The Physical Distance

 The distance from Beersheba, where Yitzchok lived to Haran was approximately 500 miles. The trip from Beersheba to Haran (Paddan Aram or North-West Mesopotamia) would have taken [between 17 to 50 days] since a day's journey was normally twenty to thirty miles, or longer if there were a large company traveling together at the rate of ten miles a day. Our Sages Teach the earth contracted for Yaakov. Mount Moriah and Yaakov moved towards each other. Rabbi Yisrael Isser Zvi Herczeg, The Sapirstein Edition Rashi Bereisheit / Genesis {Brooklyn, New York: Mesorah Publications, Ltd. First Edition 10th impression 2007}, p 311

The Spiritual Distance

Since the physical distance is obvious the words Yaakov departed must inform us of the Spiritual distance. The Gematria of  bqo[æyæ axeyewæ Yaakov departed  is 289.  The Gematria of  rf,P, {Peh Tehr} meaning 'first born' is also 289.  The Gematria of dr≤P;hi {Hee Paw Rehd} meaning 'separated' is also 289.   What is the point?  We know that Eisov was the first born.   We know that Yaakov separated from him.  What else is happening here?   Ha Torah is Mystically informing us that Yaakov had to separate from Eisov.  So when Ha Torah is Saying Yaakov departed  Ha Torah is Saying that Yaakov separated from Eisov the first born.  What did Yaakov separate from Eisov the first born?  He separated the blessing of the first born away from Eisov.  Yaakov through his action of deceiving his father πr...f... {Taw Rawf} meaning 'he plucked' the blessing of the firstborn he separated the blessing of the firstborn away from Eisov.  Through his actions of plucking the blessing away from Eisov Yaakov declared that Eisov was πr´f; {Taw Rayf} meaning 'not kosher' meaning 'forbidden'.

289 = b2 q100 [70 y10 -  a1 x90 y10 w6

289 = r200 f9 p80

289 = d4 r200 p80 h5

289 = π80 r200 f

Now, for those who feel like Yaakov was wrong in plucking away his brothers blessing, how do you explain that Yaakov went to the place {Bereisheit 28.11}, that Yaakov had the dream {Bereisheit 28.12}, that the Creator of the universe Gave the promise of Avraham and Yitzchok to Yaakov,  {See Bereisheit 28.13-15} ?

It was Yaakov that the Portals of Heaven opened to, NOT Eisov!  It was Yaakov that Hashem Gave the promise of blessing, NOT Eisov.  Where was Yaakov at?  Our sages say Yaakov was at Mount Moriah.  Yaakov traveled towards Charan but encountered 'the Place', Mount Moriah, where his father was offered as a sacrifice.  This is 'the Place' that was Holy!  Was he there physically?  I don't know.  Our sages say that he was.  Was Yaakov there spiritually?  Yes!

Historically speaking this was a place that Yaakov did not recognize, {Bereisheit 28.16}.  He did not know that this was Mount Moriah.  So, Yaakov was in 'the Place' but he did not recognize 'the place'.  How could this be?  Physically he may have been transported to Mount Moriah.  I don't know!  Our sages teach that Mount Moriah was brought to Yaakov.  Yet we know that 

Our Sages Teach that G-d is found in every place where there are righteous men.  Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz and Rabbi Nosson Scherman, The Artscroll Tanach Series - Bereishis Vol. I(b) (Brooklyn, New York: Mesorah Publications, Ltd. 3rd Impression, 1989), p 1220

When men get together in the morning for prayer they put on Tefillin.  The Head Tefillin rests above the forehead like a house whose gate faces into the Heavens.  The Tefillin strap circles the head like a fence behind the house whose gate faces the Heavens. The Gematria for r[ævæ {Shah Ahr} meaning 'gate' is 570.  The Gematria for ˆylipiT] {Tih Fee Leen} meaning 'Phylacteries' is 570.  Tifillin is a small leather box containing Torah Texts  worn by Jewish men at morning prayer as a reminder to guard Ha Torah.

Tefillin Picture.jpg

When Jewish men gather together in unity for prayer the intention is that the gates of Heaven will open to receive their prayers.  Yet what we observe in this Passuk is that even though it was evening  the Gates of Heaven opened to Yaakov's intercession / Prayer.  Even though Yaakov was among stones and earth the Gates of Heaven opened to his prayer.  Even though Yaakov was in a most humble setting the Gates of Heaven opened to his prayer?  Why?  It is clear that the Creator wanted to assure Yaakov.  Yet, Yaakov had to open the door.  How did Yaakov open the door?  His camp was a G-dly Camp!  See Bereisheit 32

Dear Ones if our camp... if our home is a  G-dly Place angels will visit us.  If our home is a G-dly Place the Gates of Heaven will open to our prayers.  µwøqM;Bæ [Gæp]Yiwæ {Vah Yee Fih Gah - Bah Maw Kom} meaning and he [Yaakov] interceded in The Place and spent the night there.  The Gematria for Vah Yee Fih Gah - Bah Maw Kom is 357.  In Devarim we read, For who is this great nation that has G-d so close to it, as [is] Hashem our G-d, that in everything we call out to Him? {Devarim 4.7}  The key here is Wnaer"q; {Kaw Rih Ay Nu} meaning we call out to Hashem.  In the evening with no place to lay his head Yaakov selected a rock.  After a long journey he was very tired.  He was under horrible stress from the hate of Eisov his brother.  He was lonesome for his father & mother's home.  Yet when all this was going on he 'interceded in The Place' and the Gates of Heaven opened to his prayer.  We, B'nei Yisroel and B'nai Noach can follow the same example.  Each evening at the conclusion of the day we should cry out to the Creator as Yaakov did.  Hashem Heard Yaakov's intersession.  Hashem Heard Yaakov cry at the end of the day.  This is a good time to cry out to the Creator!   The word Kaw Rih Ay Nu is the Gematria 357.  May Hashem Bless us with the strength to cry out to him in the evening hour.  May we intercede before Hashem. May the Gates of Haven open for our prayers.

357 =  µ40 w6 q100 m40 b2  -  [70 g3 p80 y10 w6

357 =  w6 n50 a1 r200 q100 

May Hashem Bless us with the strength to cry out to him in the evening hour.  May we intercede before Hashem. May the Gates of Haven open for our prayers.

Blessings and peace,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel

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