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Understanding the Honor Ha Torah Requires for Parents ©

By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

Our Devri Torah is in the loving Memory of Mr. Yochanan Bond may he rest in peace.

Parshat Mishpatim

Shemot [Exodus] 21.1 - 24.18

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 Exod. 21:15

.tm...âWy t/mè /M¡aiw" wybiöa; hK´àm'W

Exod. 21:17

.tm...âWy t/mè /M¡aiw" wybiöa; lL´àq"m]W

The Gematria of /M¡aiw" wybiöa; Aw Vee Vih Eemoh, And Father and Mother equals 72.  This is the same Gematria number as for ds,j, Chessed kindness and dwObK;mi Mee Caw Vohd, from Honor.  We are to show every form of kindness for our father and mother.  We are to remember we come from our parents so our honor comes from the honor we extend to them.  The more we honor our parents the more each of us will be honored.  If we, G-d Forbid, disrespect our parents we lower our position in this world and in the world to come and shorten our days of living on the good land that Hashem our G-d Gives us, see Exodus 20.12.

Aw Vee Vih Eemoh, And Father and Mother

72 = w6 m40 a1 w6  w6 y10 b2 a1

Chessed, kindness

72 = d4 s60 j8

Mee Caw Vohd, from Honor.

72 = d4 w6 b2 k20 m40

Blessings Health, Prosperity, Kindness and Peace,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel

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