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A Real Mother In Law

 Paint Thinner

 Parrot With An Attitude

Lost In The Mountains Without Vadka

 The Show Must Go On

Sports Repairman

 The Talking Parrot

 One Way To Raise Cash

Partners To The End

Differences In Weddings

 Outer Space Rabbi

Modern Yiddish for the Beginner

More One Liners
A Jewish
Husband's Roll
Chunakah Letter

 Job App

A Future Donation

 A Clean Glass

Over Paid

 Kosher... or Rabbinic Kosher?

Two Nights Out

 Attorney Wanted

Chassidim On Mars

 Matchmaker... Matchcaper?3

A Little Yiddish / English

Red Light "GO"


Life Extention

 More Rules To Jewish Living


Three Special Envelopes

A Jewish Mother-in-law's Gift

A Last Wish

 A Job In Disguise


This Brother is...

Gan Eden

Yeshiva Togetherness

 A Retired Rabbi's Advice

A Call From Jerusalem

Pray Louder Grandmother Is Hard Of Hearing

A Kosher Snack

Avie Says...

Two Mischievous Brothers

Sabbath And Sex

Jesus Saves

 Lines In Heaven


 Jewish Witness

 Jewish Mothers

 Another Identity

Jewish Dictionary

 The Atheist And The Sea Monster

The Bill

 Questions To Ask Your Attorney

Repeat, Repeat!

 A Bed Time Ladle

 We Do Honor Shabbos

 The Bandit And "The Bandit"

 Jesus Is Watching

 Business Is Business

Jewish Redneck

 Questions And Answers

 My Son The Convert

 Very Old Whitefish

 Devious Kid


Another Version of L-rd and Talylor 

Cheap Stop!

 It's The Butcher

 Ten Things Jewish Men Know About Women

 Come In

Your Husband, Yaakov Needs Rest!

Jewish Information Technology - VS - Jewish Business Technology

Another Twist To The Funeral Joke

A Serious Mistake

Forget Something


 Creation Of Yisroel

 Baseball Fans In Heaven

 The Golden Cow

How Many Kosher Cookies Can You Eat?

 A Change In Name

The Perfect Rabbi

Out Of Everything

One Liner's

More Bread Please! 

It's Thursday

Empty Stables

 Time Please!

 Baseball Play Off's

Visit Me, If You Are Ever In Liev! 

 How You Ask A Question

Jewish Marriage Test

 Attorney's Office


 Early Bird Special

 More Jewish Personals

Jewish Names Never!
One Chassid
Nine Yekkes

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