Bereisheit, In the beginning... Our JewishPath blog beginning...


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Welcome to my Jewishpath's new blog powered by Movable Type. This is the first post on our blog and was created for us automatically when we finished the installation process. But that is ok, because we will soon be creating posts of our own!

We want to say thank you to our Creator for making everything possible!

Thank you Hashem!!

Now, we need to also say a special thanks to Matt Estes for his valuable assistance in setting up our blog.  We really appreciated you kind thoughtful assistance!!   We also want to say thank you to Matt and all the professionals at Hurricane Electric for their assistance and support.

Thanks Matt!

We would also like to say thanks to the good folks at Moveable Type for providing this blogging software and all the work they have put into developing powering such a great blogging package...

Thanks Movable Type Professionals!!

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