Parshat Tzav - Command!

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     By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

Our study is in the loving memory of the Horvat Mishpacha that died in the Holocaust.  May they rest in peace.

The Letter x {ydIx; Tzaddi} is a symbol of righteousness.  qyDIxæ {Tzaddik} means righteous, just, pious, honest and upright individual.  The Letter w {ww... Vav} is the symbol of completion.  The Vav is a connecting letter that attaches to many words of Ha Tenach.  Together the Tzaddi and the Vav spell wxæ meaning Command.  The Gematria of Tzav is 96.  However when we extend the Gematria to include the spelling for each Letter the Gematria of Tzav increases to 116.  This is significant because the full spelling of Tzav {116} demonstrates how the Command was extended over a number of generations.  Our Sages teach when Ha Torah Uses the word Tzav instead of T;r"mæa; Aw-Mah-Ri-Taw {Say} or rBæDæ De-Bayr {Speak}, it is in reference to the present generation and future generations.  It is to be guarded scrupulously.


x = 104 = y 10  d 4 x 90

w = 12 = w 6 w 6

116 = 104 + 12

Why is 116 significant?

Midrash Vayikra Rabbah teaches in the name of R. Nehemiah that the fire in the Altar of  Moshe burned for 116 years yet the thin copper layer did not melt nor was the wooden structure charred. Rashash says:

  39 years in the BaMidbar

  14 years in Gigal

  13 years in Nob

  50 years in Gibeon


116 years total

Rabbi Dr. H. Freedman, Midrash Rabba Leviticus  (New York, NY: The Soncino Press 1983) p 97

Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz and Rabbi Nosson Scherman The Artscroll Tanach Series - Vayikra Volume 3a (Brooklyn, NY: Mesorah Publications, Ltd. 1989), p 100

The Gematria of wxæ {Tzav} is 96.  Ha Torah Says, And Hashem Spoke to Moshe, Saying Command Aharon and his sons...  Moshe Rabbeinu would have been the Kohen Godal of B'nei Yisroel but he argued with the Creator about who would lead B'nei Yisroel.  So the Creator selected his brother Aharon.  So when Moshe is Commanded we observe the door closing on him being the Kohen Godal.  This is represented by ha;xe which means to go out or to get out.  This is

what happened to Moshe after the original seven days in the Mishkon.  He was out as Kohen Godal and Aharon was in as Kohen Godal. 

Blessings and peace,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel

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