The Power of Mysteries Words And Observances!

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wyn:p;l] µykia;l]mæ bqo[æyæ

Yaakov  Sent Angels Before Him

The Power of Mysteries Words And Observances!

By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

Our Devri Torah is in the loving Memory of Mr. Donald Wayne Belk and Mr. Gary Lee Belk, may they rest in peace.

Parshat Vayishlach

Bereisheit [Genesis] 32.4 - 36.43

Ha Torah Says Yaakov sent Mah Lih Aw Cheem {Angels / Messengers} before him.  The Stone Chumash translates this correctly as Angels.  Many versions translate this as Messengers.  This is also correct.  They were Messengers.  Yet they were not just Messengers.  They were Angels who were Messengers!  And they were not just Angels who were Messengers.  They were Angles who were Messengers who were twOab;x] Tzee Vih Oht {Hosts}!   Who were the Hosts?  They were some of the angels Hashem Commands. Tehillim [Psalms] 24. 10 Says, Who is He, this King of Glory?  Hashem of Hosts!  He is the King of Glory!  Ibn Ezra Says they were 'Heavenly Bodies'. Rabbi Avrohom Chaim Feuer and Rabbi Nosson Scherman The Artscroll Tanach Series - Tehillim Volume 2 - (Brooklyn New York: Mesorah Publications, Ltd. 3rd Impression 1991), p 303

The first three Letters of twOab;x] Tzee Vih Oht {Hosts} comes from ab;x; Tzaw Vaw meaning  [Heavenly] Army, [Heavenly] Troops, [A force of] Hosts.  The last three Letters of twOab;x] Tzee Vih Oht {Hosts} is twOa Oht meaning Sign, Symbol, Miracle, Omen Emblem or Letter.  The Gematria of  Yaakov - Mah Lih Aw Cheem - Lih Faw Nawv meaning Yaakov sent Angels before him is 499.  The Gematria of Tzee Vih Oht meaning Hosts is also 499.

499 = w6 y10 n50 p80 l30 -  µ40 y10 k20 a1 l30 m40 -  b2 q100 [70 y10

499 = t400 w6 a1 b2 x90

It is also important to note that Then Ha Torah Says, And He Commanded them.  The last two Letters of wxæy"wæ Vah Yih Tzah meaning and he Commanded are the center two Letters of  hw...xmi Mitzvaw as in Commandment, Law, Precept.  The Gematria of  Mah Lih Aw Cheem {Angels / Messengers} is 141.  The Gematria of Mitzvaw is also 141. 

141 = µ40 y10 k20 a1 l30 m40

141 = h5 w6 x90 m40

Mah Lih Aw Cheem  begins and ends with the Mystical Letter Mem!

So the Mah Lih Aw Cheem were Messengers, were Angels, were Hosts each with a Command.  These Commands consisted of Words made up of Letters.  Yaakov, He commanded them Saying, This is what you should say to my master, Eisov.  So says your servant, Yaakov, I was stranger with Lavan and was delayed until now.  I acquired oxen, donkeys, sheep, servants, and maidservants.  I have sent [these Words / Commands] to tell this to my master  find favor in your eyes. This is what was said, but what was meant by these Words? What is the intended message? 

First, Yaakov sent Angels.  What did this say to Eisov?  How did Eisov look upon Angels?  Ha Torah does not say what Eisov's response was to Yaakov's message.  Why was it necessary for Angels to deliver this message? 

Second, Why was it necessary for Yaakov to say, I was a stranger with Lavan and was delayed until now.  Eisov knew Yaakov was with Lavan.  Eisov knew Yaakov was delayed.  Why does Ha Torah State what seems to be the obvious?

The answer is in the Word yTir"Gæ Gahr Tee meaning stranger or outsider.  Yaakov was telling his brother that he was not familiar with Lavan or his sons.  He was saying it was unpleasant to live with Lavan.  Yaakov was saying  it was uncomfortable to live with Lavan.  He was saying that he, his wives and their children were all aliens to Lavan.  In fact Yaakov's wives said, Are not considered by him as twOyrIk]n... Naw Chih Ree Yoht meaning Strangers or Foreignness?  What was it that was so foreign to Lavan?  It was the Observances of Ha Torah.  The first four Letters of twOyrIk]n... Naw Chih Ree Yoht represent yrIkn... Nawch Ree which is representative of a person who is foreign or alien because they Observe the Seven Mitzvot of Ha Torah.  Yaakov's wives were saying our Observances of Ha Torah have made us foreign to our father.   In a similar way Yaakov was saying to Eisov I was yTir"Gæ Gahr Tee meaning I was a stranger with Lavan.  The Gematria of Gahr Tee is 613.  Yaakov was saying to Eisov the 613 Mitzvot of Ha Torah made me strange to Lavan.  The 613 Mitzvot of  Ha Torah will make me strange to you also!  Yaakov was revealing to Eisov that he was on a high and mysterious level of Torah Observances.  He was saying that these Observances are not only mysterious but they are powerful!  They will help me overcome you!  The Word  Gahr Tee explains their strangeness.  To those in the world it is strange to Observe the 613 Mitzvot of Ha Torah!  

613 = y10 t400 r200 g3

May Hashem Grant us this Strangeness this Foreignness the 613 Mitzvot... the 613 Observances of Ha Torah!  May our Words be like Yaakov's Words.  May our Words send forth Commands / Mitzvot of Ha Torah!  May our actions, our words our deeds be like Yaakov's Words, Actions and Deeds which Created Perfect Angels that do the Will of Hashem!

Blessings and peace,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel

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