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hnv hrv[ [bv µyrxm ≈rab bq[y yjyw

And he, Yisroel, lived in the land of Mitzriam / Egypt for seventeen years.

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By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

Our Devri Torah is in the loving Memory of Mr Yochanan Bond may he rest in peace and Mrs. Jeanne Camille Wiltz Pierre may she rest in peace.

Parshat Vayechi

Bereisheit [Genesis] 47.28 - 50.26

1.) Vayechi begins with the comment 'Yaakov lived in Mitzriam for seventeen years'. Ha Torah Does not say Yisroel lived in Mitzriam for seventeen years.  We are speaking of a difference in names here, Yaakov in comparison to Yisroel.  Why?  The Gematria of 'Yaakov lived' has a message.  There is a pointed difference. The words, 'Yaakov lived' is the Gematria 216. However what if Ha Torah Said 'Yisroel lived' the Gematria would have been 575. There is an important reason why Ha Torah is using Yaakov in place of Yisroel. What is the reason?

2.) Then one should be asking why Ha Torah Does not directly inform us how long Yaakov lived with his parents, Yitzchok and Rivkah.  One should be inquiring why Ha Torah does not inform us of how long Yaakov lived with Lavan.  We can use methods to learn how long Yaakov lived in certain areas but we are not pointedly informed like Bereisheit 47.29, 'Yaakov lived in Mitzriam for seventeen years'  We could have figured out the time Yaakov spent in Mitzriam.  Wo why does Ha Torah inform us that 'Yaakov lived in Mitzriam for seventeen years'?

 b~qo[}y"Aym´ây" yhi¶y"w" hn:-v; hrE¡c][, [bæàv] µyIr"+x]mi ≈r<a≤¢B] b~qo[}y" yji¶y"w"

.hn:êv; taæ`m]W µy[iàB;r"a'w" µynI±v; [b'v≤¢ wyY:±j' ynE∞v]

3.) Another point is the usual use of the Word yjiy"wæ Vah Yih Chee, meaning 'and he lived.'  Our sages point out the Torah usually employs such terms as bv,yEwæ, settled, or rg:y...wæ, dwelt, to describe the years one spent in a particular place...' Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz and Rabbi Nosson Scherman, The Artscroll Tanach Series - Bereishis Vol. I(b) (Brooklyn, New York: Mesorah Publications, Ltd. 3rd Impression, 1989), p 2085

So we have a quandary.  Each of these three points cause us to focus on why?

1. Why Yaakov lived instead of Yisroel lived

2. Why Lived instead of settled or dwelt

3. Why pin point Yaakov's seventeen years of living in Mitzriam

Our Sages say Yaakov suffered much during the first 130 years of his life. He had issues with Eisov, the birthright, the blessing of the first born and his brothers hatred.  He had issues with Lavan for 20 years.  He mourned for 20 years thinking Yoseif was dead that his sons would not inhere the Blessing of Avraham.  Twelve sons were necessary.  He was missing one son.  So the last seventeen years of Yaakov's life were not spent settling or dwelling they were spent living with his entire family in happiness and harmony.   'If one's end is good, all is good.' {Akeidah; Chizkuni}. 

216 = b2 q100 [70 y10   y10 8 10 6

216 = r200 w6 b2 j8

216 = µ40 w6 q100 m40 l30

The Gematria of Yaakov lived tells us how he lived.  He was joined with his children and grandchildren etc. rWbj... Chaw Voor meaning joined [to his family],  attached to [his family], connecting [with his family].  One could also say Yaakov longed for.. Yaakov greatly desired the day he would be joined with Yoseif.  Last week in Parshat Vayigash we discussed Bring Me Up Out of that Place!  We discussed and shared our saddnesses about dwelling in a place that was not on the high Spiritual level we desire and how we want to return to that place.  Well in

 this week's Parshat that place is µwOqM;læ, Lah Mae Kohm, meaning, to go to the Place.  For each of us there is a circle a place of tranquility. There is a place we can enter to live to enjoy as yaakov was able to do. This does not mean everything is right in life.  This means there is a place that we can live and enjoy those we love as Yaakov did.  The Gematria of Lah Maw Kohm is also 216.

Blessings and peace,

Dr. Akiva Gamliel

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